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  • YEAR: 2020–
  • GENRE: Crime, Drama
  • DIRECTOR: Ray Xue
  • STARS: Dong-Hee Kim, Park Joo-Hyun, Da-bin Jung, Nam Yoon-Su, Min-su Choi, Hyuk-kwon Park, Yeo-jin Kim, Nicole Fong, Darren Keilan, Chase Yi

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Extracurricular Afdah full movie Online: It is a story of high school students who become tangled in a series of conflicts and events that challenge human values and morality. Jisoo (Kim Dong-Hee) is a model high school student. To pay for his university tuition fee, he makes a bad choice. This leads to a serious crime that takes place. Minhee (Jung Da-Bin) and Gyuri (Park Joo-Hyun) attend the same high school as Jisoo and they get involved in Jisoos crime..