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  • YEAR: 2019
  • GENRE: Comedy, Drama
  • DIRECTOR: Marianne Hettinger
  • STARS: Andreas Beckett, Marianne Hettinger, Deborah S. Craig, Martin Ewens, Jillie Simon, Paul Cardile, Robert Cunniff, Velson DSouza, Michael Dale, Stuart Gardiner

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Prince Harming Afdah full movie Online: Victoria, a strong woman in her mid-forties, falls in love with a man who turns out to be a sociopath. If it can happen to Victoria, it can happen to anyone. Victoria, an immigrant from Liechtenstein, meets her Prince Charming, the Olympic star Max Bauer, whom she fancied as a teenager. After a number of embarrassing attempts to revive his career in Europe, he tries to find fortune in the land of endless opportunities. He flees to New York - directly into Victorias arms and tiny apartment. Its love at first sight for both- or so it seems. As he gradually reveals his abusive side, the drama of their asymmetrical relationship develops, as the former world star uses his fading glory to first dazzle, then exploit and abuse her in every which way. She unsuspectingly holds on to the relationship, only to find herself in mortal danger..