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  • YEAR: 2019
  • GENRE: Thriller
  • DIRECTOR: Chema Ponze
  • STARS: Jerry Adam, Sebi Alcaraz, Pascual Belastegui, Ángeles Casares, Pablo Espinosa, Ana Malia, Antonio Mayans, Juan Muñoz, Chema Ponze, Jose Tejado

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Soul Man Afdah full movie Online: This is the story of Iris, a ballet dancer who is driven to start the search for Otis, an old friend she hasn't seen in years. Her investigations take her to a psychiatric hospital where Otis has been hospitalized for the past ten years. Once there, the people in charge of the center warn him that his friend has developed a mysterious alternative personality, which however they have managed to block thanks to drugs. Following Otis 'release, doctors warn Iris about Otis' unpredictability and possibly violence and the inability to keep him in the medical center any longer. After both suffering a violent episode, Otis' alternative personality, Soul Man, takes control of the situation and proposes to Iris that they both become urban vigilantes to change things that do not work well in our society: crime, abuse, corruption , sale of drugs ... one by one, criminals will meet our protagonists. However, they both go too far and encounter very powerful criminals who are well connected with ....