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  • YEAR: 2019
  • GENRE: Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • DIRECTOR: Alan Mak
  • STARS: Ching Wan Lau, Nick Cheung, Kar Yan Lam, Carlos Chan, Jace Chan, Qian Chang, Alex Fong, Angel Koo, Wai Lam, Ying Kwan Lok

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Lian zheng feng yun Afdah full movie Online: The chief investigator of ICAC Chan King-chi (Sean Lau)'s childhood friend Hui Chik-yiu (Nick Cheung) does a spy job in the smuggler company even after he mysteriously fleets to Australia just before the summoned court appearance as a witness of the crime of the company. However, The chief investigator of ICAC Chan King-chi (Sean Lau) knows everything what Hui Chik-yiu does even after he fleets to Australia, and Chan King-chi's fatal mistake finally throws out everything ICAC team does during the most of the time in the film, and the mysterious manipulator kills corroborators of his coordinated crimes. Chan King-chi's mistake is that he does not officially record and register the spy Hui Chik-yiu. As the result, all proves and evidences are ineffective at court. It is fatally unintelligent and lack of professionalism, and it makes us not indulgent to the most of the time they spent in this film before the moment. Furthermore, ICAC is incapable to deal with the smuggling scheme and it ....